I look forward to opening up our Napa location June following the state and CDC guidelines. Unfortunately our St. Helena location will remain closed until St. Helena Parks and Rec. allows us to reopen but we will be offering ZOOM classes if you can’t make it to our Napa location. I will be implementing the changes blow to follow social distancing/state guidelines and therefore allowing us to stay open.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend we all take sensible steps to protect ourselves and others. This is essential to slow down the spread of any virus. When participating in our martial arts instruction you acknowledge you are responsible for safeguarding yourself and the others in the studio.

Here is what MMA will be doing:

  1. I ask all parents and students to advise us when they will be traveling: When you will be going. 

    Where you will be going. 

    How long you will be gone .

    We will compare destinations to COVID-19 hotspots.

  2. Everyone must stay home when sick, this includes: a. Children 

    b. Parents
    c. Staff 

    d. Tuition will not be suspended when your child is training from home

  3. All touch surfaces will be disinfected 6 times per day

  4. Floors will continue to be disinfected 6 times per day

  5. Hand washing practices will continue to apply for children and staff: a. After restroom use. 

    b. After blowing nose.

    c. After coughing or sneezing.

  6. Faces should be covered when we cough or sneeze; tissues should not be reused; they should immediately be thrown in the trash.

  7. As we are entering Spring, there will be plenty of coughing and sneezing. It is vital that we do not pass off coughing, sneezing, congestion as allergies. For the safety of everyone, proceed as if you have a virus.

  8. We will monitor social distancing during martial arts training. Student participation in class means you are accepting the risk of potential proximity to other students, staff and parents in the studio.

  9. Classes will start with 5 students on the mat and will increase to no more then 15 students to allow social distancing.

  10. All students will have their temperature before entering class. 

  11. I will ask all students to wear a facemask as it’s required to state law.

  12. Parents will be asked to drop off all students unless parents need to attend for medical reasons. You are welcome to wait in the parking lot. I will be streaming through ZOOM so parents can watch their child participate in class.

  13. Coaches and I will only be offering Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Boxing, and Muay Thai, at this time until all social distancing guidelines are lifted.

  14. Schedule has changed to allow us to sanitize and disinfect between classes.

  15. I will ask all parents and students to re-enroll since I cancelled all memberships when the pandemic started. Students can enroll for unlimited or single program but I also added an online option for parents that aren’t comfortable attending in person.I will be asking all members to fill out new enrollment, waiver, and auto pay forms at home to minimize social distancing. Please bring these forms to your first class.

We appreciate you doing your part to keep everyone healthy and strong. Please email us to reserve a spot.

Mr. Matias