After School Martial Arts Program. 

MMA offers a true after school martial arts program. We are not like other programs or daycares where parents simply send their kids without any benefits. Our students study martial arts with a character development lesson to carry over to home, school, and beyond. We specialize in character development and teaching self defense.


We offer pick ups to all schools with in Napa City limits. We own our          transportation vehicles, and use our own dedicated, professional drivers who have had background checks. 



Be Active! One of the most challenging things about being a parent these days is finding ways to keep your child busy. Our program gives kids a physical outlet after a long day at school and teaches them the value of fitness in a safe and fun setting. 

Safe and Positive place. Our program offers a safe and fun attentive to going home to an empty home. When your child is with us, they're learning useful skills and spending time with other kids. You can rest easy knowing that they're safe and sound. 

Make new Friends! Sometimes kids struggle to make new friends. It can be hard to find others with common interests or have the time to socialize at school. Our program is a place where kids can share experience while learning something new. Many kids who attend our programs end up becoming close friends.